About Us


Later in life I figured out that being me was a good thing.  I started being proud of what made me....well....me!   In fact, I finally got it that we are ALL unique.  We’re supposed to be!!  That’s how we're made.  That made me feel special, stand a little taller, and get excited about that difference, in myself and in others.

That feeling was something I really wanted to share.  So, my husband and I unfolded that desire into Sparkle Spuds.  Why?  It seemed like a really fun and unique way to send a message out to people that would make them feel great.  It started with spuds because every spud is also unique. Cannot find two spuds that are alike.  And we know that what makes us unique, is what makes us sparkle.  

So we took that feeling, paired it with a potato (and now you know why) and created this whacky and fun gift.  But we couldn't stop there. So, we added in a small potato sack filled with faux diamonds, as a forever reminder to keep that sparkle.  It was easy then to choose our motto…  Just Sparkle!”

Now Sparkle Spuds is fast growing in more and more ways with more unique and fun gifts that help people feel special.  We hope the sparkle spreads to as many people as possible.  With $1 from every purchase going to Feeding America, Sparkle Spuds continues to find ways to make people smile.

Sparkle spuds are an amazing gift that bring so much fun to anyone who gets one.  Here's what some of our customers have shared...

"It brightened my day", "The gift was so unexpected. It was amazing",  "A lot better than getting a card for my birthday.  My friends are still talking about it!",  "Made me laugh. Really unique gift."

Check it out?!!